A Gathering of Angels


From Lea and Mark; "We didn't know what to say in our vows and Candice came up with the perfect words." She was not only our Officiant, she has become a treasured friend.
From Katy and Victor: "We want to thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony and sharing our special day with us. It was amazing! We will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone, so they will have as wonderful day as we did. ~Thank You~ 
From the parents of the Bride and Groom: "Thank you for making Josh and Jen's wedding very special!
From one of the guest; "That was a beautiful ceremony."
 A short story; Dec 14, 2010.
The groom called me and wanted to get married to his fiance that very day. He didn't have anyone to witness for them and asked me if I had any ideas. I took his number and asked him to give me a couple of hours to see what I could come up with. About an hour later he called and excitedly asked me if I had found any witness's. I asked him, "What's more important to the two of you, that you get married or where? He said, "That we get married." After telling him and his fiance my idea, they were very excited. We met at the R.V. Mall. I said: "since it's Christmas time, we should go to where the kids meet Santa Claus and if they aren't busy, see if "Santa and his elves" will witness for us." As we walked over to the large display, I noticed how beautiful it was with all the adornments of the season, snow, glitter, trains and right in the middle of it sat Santa. Luckily, they weren't busy and the groom told them of our intentions. The "elves" were so excited, one of them began to cry. It was a short, sweet ceremony with Santa, elves, mom's and dad's, boy's and girl's and everyone around sharing in the moment. The "elves" took pictures of the newly married couple with "Santa" and gave the couple the pictures as a wedding present. "Santa" and one of his "elves" signed the wedding license. And even though this newly married couple hadn't cared about where they got married, they were so happy with the idea I came up with, they said it was as perfect as if we had planned it. We all knew it would be a day none of us would ever forget.

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